Head to Head

  • All time – Played 38, Won 19, Lost 19
  • Last 5 – Won 2, Lost 3

Last time we met:

Carlton Only Highlights v West Coast, Round 12, 2012

The Sides [to be edited]


Round 4, 2013 Match Overview

Both teams have had a less than ideal start to the season, at the time of writing both teams are 2-0 and sitting in the bottom half of the ladder. Both teams are missing key players. Carlton have had a number of close finishes, and importantly have been relatively competitive. West Coast are in a similar position, but have come off a week where they took their frustrations out on a hapless Melbourne outfit at the MCG.

Malthouse continues to try to bring the Blues gameplans around to what he expects, and the signs are there that the Blues are begining to awaken. However, theres no doubt that the Blues would like to get a win on the board rather than end round 3 with ANOTHER honourable loss and a 0-4 start to the season.

Key matchups [to be edited]

The KPP: Jamison and Henderson v Kennedy and Darling

An inform pair against an the West Coast big forwards. Jamison is running into some stellar form having kept Jack Riewoldt and Travis Cloke goalless, while Henderson has also impressed in the first couple of weeks. They will have done well against Pods and Hawkins in Round 3. [to be edited]

The KPP: Hampson and Rowe/Casboult v Glass and Brown

If Hampson can find his round 1 form, I dont think theres anyone in the league who can stop his getting to the ball. He leads well and seems to be able to mark the footy. If he can find his kicking boots, the Blues are in for a good day. If he can get to the contest then theres a bevy of talented small forwards who can take advantage at ground level. Either way this could be a big win. That said, if he fails to fire, then this is one area the Eagles are going to be superior. Glass is a class act at full back.

The Midfield battle: Judd, Murphy, Carazzo v Kerr, Selwood, Shuey

Judd and Murphy in particular have been in pretty good form without being overly spectacular early in the season and their midfield battles with the Eagles should prove quite fascinating. Carazzo is likely to get the tagging job on one of them, more than likely Kerr. Whoever gets on top here will win the game.

The Rucks: Kreuzer, Hampson and Rowe (?) v Cox

Cox is a rolls royce of ruckmen and he’s going to do well against Carltons fleet of ruck dudes, lead by Kreuzer and backed by Hampson with Rowe or Casboult chipping in as needed.

The big question: Who gets Lecras?

The smallish forward has done some considerable damage to the Blues in the past, notably in the semi final in 2011. The Blues issues with small forwards came to the fore against Collingwood when Elliot kicked a bag on a variety of opponents. Its the kind of task that usually falls to Aaron Joseph, but whether he has the speed to go with Lecras is another story [note will edit this after seeing how Lecras returns from injury this week)

However for West Coast, the issue is the same but literally two fold, Garlett and Yarran have kicked a fair few goals against good opposition in the last few weeks and it would seem that there may be no way to keep them down – certainly no way to catch them.

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